• Thought Alchemy's Transformation Center

    Thought Alchemy's Transformation Center

  • Transformational Hypnotherapy Services

    Transformational Hypnotherapy Services

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    Transformational Coaching

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    Transformational Studies

  • Transcendental Healing, Holistic Therapies, Conscious Health, Herbalism

    Transcendental Healing, Holistic Therapies, Conscious Health, Herbalism

Thought Alchemy's Transformation Center


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Empower yourself at Thought Alchemy's Transformation Center!  Achieve your goals and become all you desire to be through the trans-formative healing services. Aren't you tired of talking about it and thinking about it? Make the call now and begin to transform your life today! 


What Is Thought Alchemy?

Alchemy is a process that changes or transforms something less desirable into something most desirable in a substantial way.  So, if we follow that train of thought, the alchemy of our thoughts is the mental transmutation process whereby our perspective shifts and along with it, our lives. Thought Alchemy, offers services to transmute your thoughts, such as hypnotherapy, transformative life coaching, personal and spiritual transformative classes, as well as alternative healing modalities such as Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Transcendental Healing, Herbalism, etc.  Through these processes and services, common every day obstacles to success can be overturned, life transformed and victory achieved.  To see our center in action and meet Rose the founder click here.


What We Can Do For You?

It doesn’t matter what your goal is or your challenge, our transformational services can help you. Let us help you transform your life and achieve your dreams and goals in life!

Who are our clients?

We serve people from all walks of life and help them meet their goals and face their challenges, from medical professionals, corporate executives, to plumbers, wait staff, you name it, just about anyone can be helped through Thought Alchemy's services.  We have customers right here in the local southern New England area, from Boston, MA, to Cape Cod, MA, to Providence, RI, as well as across the country, from Maine to Florida, and New York to Oregon.  You can work with us locally in person or via Skype or Webex online.  Call us and we will gladly talk to you about how we might assist you with our services.

Go ahead, pick of the phone right now!  What are you wating for?  774-991-0574

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