CoCreation Transformation Life Coaching

CoCreation 120 Day Transformation Life Coaching and Group Program are methods of personal transformation and manifestation that are applied to all the work we do here at Thought Alchemy.  While there is no method of manifestation or transformation that is original, as all teaching comes from God, the Creator, the Collective Unconscious or the Universal Mind of our world, Thought Alchemy’s programs are unique in that students and clients are guided through a process of transformation using teachings and tools of Sacred Wisdom in a simple, easy to understand and open manner.

Before you can begin to understand what these services and classes are about, you must first understand some of the basics of this work.


Manifestation is Creation.  Creation is the use of the tools (faculties of the mind) given to us to guide our lives.  Manifestation is guided by the Universal Laws of Nature such as The Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Intent (and many more). As human beings we use the tools of creation every moment of every day, consciously and unconsciously, to create our lives.  When we use these tools unconsciously more often than not we create a certain amount of havoc, chaos, in our lives.

Tools of Creation

The three primary tools we are born with are our Imagination, Intellect (Rational Mind) and Emotions.  When used consciously we bring our Divine Inheritance into our lives -- the beauty and grace in which our lives are meant to be lived.  When we use these tools unconsciously we tend to think life is in the power of some unknown and sometimes un-benevolent God wreaking havoc on our lives for behaviors of the past.  Regardless of whether these tools are used consciously or not, they are what create all of our thoughts, beliefs and patterns.  So what do we mean by this?


These thoughts, beliefs and patterns are your Person-ality.  We tend to think our person-ality is who we are, but in reality it is not, it is a part of you that has been built to serve your Soul.  We are Spiritual beings, not our person-ality.  Our person-ality is made from the impact of every relationship you have ever had good or bad.  Once you comprehend this very important fact you can begin to understand why you must use the tools given to us more consciously for every negative reaction you have comes from you and is caused by you, not the other persons in your life.  The internal conflicts you feel inside when life is not proceeding as you desire is your soul pushing you to reject these negative parts of your person-ality that have created these faulty thoughts, beliefs and patterns.  So the key to the release of this internal conflict is to change the personality to who you really are meant to be, a Spiritual Being

Spiritual Being

Becoming a more Spiritual Being means we apply these tools and free ourselves from the traps we have created unconsciously, with the Divine tools we were given at birth.  "This is as simple as “Think it”, “See it”, and “Believe it”.  However, anyone who has tried to make changes with this simple formula can attest, your automatic mode of consciousness tends to take over and the old patterns derail us without even knowing how this has happened and we find ourselves saying “this doesn’t work!”.   We need a structure for catching the traps set by the old patterns, a program that helps us to transmute the old into the new, and that is where the uniqueness of our classes and services come in.

CoCreation Services and Classes

All of our classes and services are focused on assisting you in raising your consciousness or “becoming a Spiritual  Being”, by learning to use these divine tools as they were meant to be used.  They are about empowering you. Change is not easy.  It is work!  But we can promise you that by applying these tools and techniques you will more easily and effortlessly transmute old negative patterns and transform yourself into the beautiful spiritual being you are.  Before you know it, the work becomes a joy!

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