Why NLP and Coaching

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) combined with Coaching, a powerful methodology for creating transformative shifts in people's lives that help them achieve the success they desire.  

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  • life changes,
  • Time management, procrastination
  • creating a positive mindset
  • career changes
  • setting and achieving goals
  • virtually anything is coachable

Your reality is molded and filtered through the lens of your experiences and those experiences are shaped by the beliefs, values and associations imprinted into you by casual interactions to the most intense situations of your life.   Through the power of NLP, you can dramatically shift your state of consciousness and rapidly make positive change happen in your life. NLP is now in its third generation and has been practiced for over 40 years with dramatic results.  When combined with coaching methodologies it is one of the most empowering experiences a person can experience for self-directed change.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming refers to the relationship between the functioning of the brain, the language (both verbal and non-verbal) we use, and our powers of perception ... essence, the way we communicate.  When we understand how our brain works, and the way our language effects it and how we are perceiving our reality, we can begin to make powerful change in our lives, with the right tools at our disposal.  NLP is a methodology with a set of tools that assists us in transforming our lives.  

Coaching is one of the most powerful services offered in the world, as is evidenced by the fact that it is one of the fastest growing service industries today. Coaching helps people naturally, through their own inner resources and abilities, attain desired outcomes in life.  People who hire coaches are successful and want to achieve more success and may be blocked in creating the new pathways to change they desire or simply need unbiased assistance.  Coaches help clients achieve amazing results helping them clearly define goals, make appropriate decisions, move forward and take appropriate action, using the clients own natural talents and abilities to go after more of what life should offer.  

Here at Thought Alchemy, we collaborate with you to attain your goals, developing clarity and multiple options and solutions, holding the client accountable for the results they will achieve.  The result is a more empowered self-reliant individual. We offer a number of coaching programs from traditional coaching sessions offered in affordable packages, to programs like our 120-day Co-Creation program, for spiritual transformation.  All coaching approaches at Thought Alchemy lead to ongoing positive growth and changes in behavioral states that lead to success in life.  All coaching clients start with an initial consult to understand your goals and to determine the most appropriate approach for each client's individual needs.  

Additionally, our other transformative services offer support issues that may require subconscious transformation, alternative therapies and classes.

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