Cancellation Policy

Appointment Cancellation

ALL APPOINTMENTS MUST BE SECURED WITH A CREDIT CARD.  Your card will not be charged unless the appointment is cancelled in accordance with our guidelines.  We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  Clients are expected to pay a $100 fee for Initial Consultation Appointment, $150 fee for initial consult weightloss appointment and $50 for Follow-on Appointments.  Time is set aside for these apointments and when given sufficient notice we are usually able to fill the time slot from our waiting list.  However, appointments cancelled in under 48 hours' notice causes a scramble to try to fill the appointment and usually results in lost fees.  At the time of booking we may ask you to provide a credit card that may be charged in the event of a last minute cancellation. You will be reminded of your appointment 72 hours in advance and 2 hours prior to the appointment via text or email.

We are always felxible with real emergencies and understand that life can get int he way, but this means we receive the courtesy of a phone call to inform us, then we will make a decision about holding to the policy.  It is an unfortunate necessity of being self-employed where you cannot rely upon s steady weekly paycheck.  So, we greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Group Programs

Group programs must be paid for 72 hours prior to program start.  Cancellation from participation in a group program requires 72 hours' notice and has a $150 cancellation fee.  Our groups are small in number to insure the quality of our service.  Last minute cancellation may mean an impact on our ability to hold the program.  For those who have paid for a program and for some reason are unable to complete the program, a prorated refund may be made at our discretion. 

All group programs require a credit card be on file for charge of cancellation fees, should the client cancel under the 72 hours notice policy.


Thank you for your cooperation with our policies!                                                  


Cancellation Fees
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