IME Alchemy - Integrative Mental and Emotional Alchemy

I-ME Alchemy -  Integrative Mental and Emotional Alchemy Process

I-ME Alchemy is a unique and deeply transpersonal integrative healing process utilizing the subconscious mind to surface and remove deeply buried faulty thoughts and patterns existing in our lower consciousness that have been put into motion during our childhood and adult life preventing us from moving forward in life in alignment with our True Self.

I-ME Alchemy works at the root level of our psyche transmuting the personality/ego (the ME) to work with the True Self (the I). This incredibly powerful process, works with the subconscious and other aspects of our consciousness that emanate through our psyche and store the keys to our emotional and mental patterns and imagery. Through the process, patterns that are out of alignment with our True Self are safely lifted to the surface so that they can be examined, healed and replaced with healthy constructive patterns to assist you with moving forward in life. In the weeks and months that follow the process, the new patterns are integrated within you enabling you to move through your life unencumbered by these old destructive thoughts and patterns.

The process spans a total of twelve sessions focused on balancing you emotionally and mentally, helping you to heal the pain of past, bringing you to a healthy relationship between the components of your lower consciousness (the emotional self, rational self and desire self) and your authentic Self.  These sessions are life altering and will change your perception about who you are and how you got here. The result, a more focused "You" and a "fresh start" outlook on life. You will develop the strength to express yourself and pursue your life within a positive framework.

This amazing work is done in an intense concentrated manner.   The 12 sessions that last approximately 24 individually driven hours, carried out sequentially over a 3 to 4 day period of time. Utilizing a Qabbalistic framework, trance, and metaphysical techniques, the client explores the world of his or her lower consciousness created during critical junctures within their life. Through the client's own exploration, patterns are exposed that have been deeply buried in the subconscious that perhaps once served to protect the individual's psyche that now no longer constructively serve's them today. Through each session the client is guided to use strong mental imagery to identify the patterns requiring release and to construct new patterns required to move forward. The new patterns lay the foundation for a new relationship between the emotional, rational and desire self, resulting in a renewal of the spirit within as the client moves forward in their life.

The secret to life is the mastery of our mental and emotional mind, this is a critical first step towards that goal. Anyone can benefit from this work, but I especially encourage those that are walking the Path to do this work as a means of jump starting their progress in clearing out the mind for the spiritual work that lies ahead. When this work is combined with any of thought Alchemy’s other classes, coaching and services, the progress is astounding and safe. You will move into your self-mastery at a pace and level unimaginable. In fact the comment we hear the most from clients and students, is that 5, 10, and 15 years or more of therapy doesn't compare to the work done in this 3 day process.  See testimonials for client comments.

Out of Town Accommodations

IME is completed in 12 successive sessions lasting 3-4 days.  A commitment to the entire process is required! This work is geared toward individuals that are on the Path, although highly powerful for any individual. Meals are provided. Individuals requiring overnight accommodations will find lovely B&B's at modest rates in the area. (Places to stay)

It is highly recommended that clients plan at least one day for integration following this work before resuming their normal life schedule.

This service is only for students of Thought Alchemy’s School of Inner Wisdom or if consultation services indicate the client’s readiness.

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