Low Self-Confidence

Hypnosis is highly successful in helping those suffering from low self-confidence.

  • Are you excessively shy in situations that shoudn't warrant it
  • Afraid to speak up for yourself 
  • Unsure of yourself, afraid of life
  • Uncomfortable in certain situations
  • Don’t know what needs are important and how to ask for them
  • Negative self-talk

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Every human being has the ability to be so much more than what they have allowed themselves to become. Even someone that we view as “having it all”, has qualities about themselves that they would like to strengthen, change, eliminate or add to their present makeup. Being self-confident is critical in succeeding in life and it leads to your Becoming the Best You. Everyone has the tools and skills within themselves to build self-confidence. The problem is that they have not been shown how to use them or the appropriate time to implement them. Some people are very confident of themselves in certain areas of their lives. For example a mother, who is afraid to go out and join the work force because she has been home taking care of her children, may appear to have low self-confidence, but challenge her on her mothering skills and she will be the first to speak up about her abilities. As soon as she begins to work, her confidence quickly grows with her experience. Unfortunately some people are held back by faulty beliefs and negtive patterns that have them locked into a pattern of low-self-conficence.

Hypnosis identifies the root cause of your low self-confidence and then resolves it by modifying the belief systems of your subconscious mind, and replace negative thought patterns with positive ones. This will boost self-confidence and can completely change your life.

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