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Quitting smoking? Thought Alchemy is ready to help you to stop smoking!  Located in Rehoboth, MA and serving Boston, Fall River, all of Southeastern Massachusetts, Providence and all of Rhode Island, as well as globally via Skype. Call 774-991-0574!

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful ways to stop your addiction to cigarettes smoking.


If you are thinking of quitting smoking through hypnosis, but are unsure if it is the right method for you, Quitza is a private group created by former smokers who quit their smoking habit through hypnosis.  I encourage you to join and check out what is happening in this community of successful non-smokers. This group is a privately created group not funded or sponsored by anyone other than individuals that have successfully quit their habit.

Call us today and we will be more than happy to speak with you about how hypnotherapy can help you put cigarettes behind you and quit smoking for good!

  • Having trouble getting a full breath
  • Tired of fluctuating stress and anxiety levels
  • Your breath scares dogs away
  • Blood pressure up
  • Can't go up a flight of stairs anymore without gasping for breath
  • Dental health diminishing
  • Tougher to get over a cold or flu
  • A two pack a day habits is now more than $7000 annually
  • Worried about the impact of a health problem or worse upon your family

Cigarette smoking is both a mental and physical addiction, one of the most difficult to quit by willpower alone.

Cigarette smoking addiction usually starts out harmlessly.  If young, it usually begins as peer pressure, or to rebel.  When we begin when we are older it usually is a habit we pick up socially and discover the nicotine’s immediate effect on our ability to relax (short term).  What we don’t bank on is that nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs available... and it is legal.  Yes there are warnings on the label telling you it is harmful to your health, but in our youth we have no fear of death, nor for that matter do most healthy young adults.  And the short term anxiety relief from the drug only compels us to grab for another cigarette.  Before we know it we are smoking two packs a day and spending thousands of dollars on a habit that repels people from your presence.  Your clothes smell, your breath smells and if you smoke in your home, your house smells.  Most people don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke, and forget that coffee-cigarette breath that most smokers have…OY!! 

Then there is the serious downside, the disastrous effects on your health….lung cancer, COPD, gum disease, heart disease, a variety of cancers, weakened immune system, and so on. Add to this, that the cigarette industry deems it necessary to add hundreds of toxic, carcinogenic chemical additives to the tobacco to make it even more addictive and lethal.  And yet, even with all these downsides, it is a horrendous addiction to beat. 

The good news!  If you really want to quit smoking, hypnosis is probably the most effective way to do it. Through the power of hypnotherapy we can work with you to make the most appropriate suggestions to your subconscious to halt the pattern and quit smoking immediatley.  One of the most astonishing results is the lack of withdrawal effects when you quit smoking through hypnosis.  Therefore, no transference to eating and weight gain and no stress triggers.  Amazing!  And, most hypnotists will tell you 1-2 sessions is usually all it takes.

Hypnosis can help you kick the cigarette habit today.

Contact us today at 774-991-0574 and begin the transformational hypnosis work to help you quit smoking now!


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