Caregivers Need Nurturing

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help anyone who is a caretaker remain calm and compassionate while caring for patients or loved ones with long term illnesses or dealing with the elderly who require more frequent and constant care.

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  • Burnt out as a caregiver of a family member.
    • Losing your cool
    • Not as compassionate as you use to be
    • Feeling guilty
    • Not enough you to go around
    • Feeling traumatized by the barrage of responsibilities that are growing daily
    • Scared, stressed and unable to cope anymore
  • Medical profession, Doctor, RN, CAN and other health care professional who has
    • Lost your bedside manner
    • Testy and short with patients
    • No longer feel good about your profession
    • Health care system getting you down

Have you ever felt this way? 

This is Rose Siple, Thought Alchemy's Hypnotherapist and I have felt this way many times in my many years of caregiving.  I remember standing in front of my poor sweet mother, who was so ill, and exploding becasue I was overwhelmed and unable to cope.  The guilt I felt was enormous.  There had been too many years of caretaking and in this particular year there had been 22 ambulance trips, 8 months in the hospital and the balance at home under my care.  I had done it for 18 years and there was nothing left in me, yet there she lay needing me desperately and I felt such pain in my heat and guilt because I had nothing left to give.  And it wasn’t the first time it had happened, I had been riding this rollercoaster for years, but couldn’t find the help I needed to help me cope besides the doctors prescription foranti-depressant. I rememer him saying "i you can't change the situation, you need to take something to help you cope".   I’d lost my cool and lost my health and was losing my sanity.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after her death that I found a hypnotherapist to help me as my source of Ericksonian hypnosis had retired years before, but when I did, it only took a couple easy sessions and my composure came back and life was being seen through the lens of my true identity. Of course this was long after her passing and the result of my Dad, now with Alzheimer's, needing my care...triggering the trauma bringing me to a state of being overwhelmed again.

No one can dispute the connection between the mind, the body and your spirit.  It is imperative to anyone’s health and quality of life. You cannot be in the center of a storm for too long without it having its impact on you. Before it does, you can do something about it.  Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to release your stress, calm you mind down and permit you to shift your perspective while you care for those people who so desperately need your help.

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