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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis vs. Gastric Band Surgery

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, is a hypnotherapy approach to weight loss that utilizes the power of the clients own subconscious mind to mimic the effects of gastric band surgery where the stomach size is shrunk by the placement of a lapband around the stomach whereby the stomach is restricted in the amount of food it can intake.  The procedure costs about $35K here in the US and is used in cases where obesity has jeopardized an individuals health and all other options have failed.  It is a highly successful surgical procedure, but is done with all the risks and costs that surgery entails.  The beauty of The Virtual Gastric Band Procedure is that you receive the benefits without the cost and risks of surgery and it tackles the emotional and mental thought patterns that have built up in you over your lifetime that have resulted in your overeating in the first place, something the surgery cannot do for you.  This remarkable procedure was pioneered by Sheila Granger, a hypnotherapist in the UK.  Many others have implemented similar techniques, so you may hear the following names referring to this technique, such as: Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Band, Hypnoband , Gastric Mind Band and Mental Gastric Band, and others

This process is helping thousands lose weight, regain health and maintain permanent weight loss.

Medical Trials Are Why Sheila Granger’s Program Was Chosen? 

Rose Siple, the hypnotist at Thought Alchemy, received certification from Sheila Granger the pioneer of this very powerful and effective weight loss program. She chose Sheila’s program because of the results it has achieved for so many thousands of people all over Europe and now in the United States.  Also because, Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band Procedure  is the only hypnosis technique to go through actual Medical Clinical Trials and these trials have proven the effectiveness of The Virtual Gastric Band.  Thought Alchemy's implementation of this technique is garnering the same high success ratio’s as those experienced by Sheila Granger.  The numbers have proven accurate.

How does it work?

The Virtual Gastric Band is a  hypnosis technique that causes the subconscious to replicate the end result of the gastric band surgery. The client experiences a full feeling when they have eaten an appropriate amount of food discouraging them from overeating.  This combined with other powerful hypnotic techniques that work on the emotional and mental root causes of weight gain, enables the client to make a complete change in their approach to eating and relationship with food.  This is a program and requires 4 primary sessions of hypnosis to anchor the new patterns within the mind.  Its simplicity and effectiveness are astounding. It simply WORKS!  Seeing is on this link to read one womans amazing story of success...140 pounds gone for good.

There is No Diet Involved

The Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis technique is not a diet.  There is no direction given about what foods to eat, only an emphasis on the body receiving an appropriate amount of food for good health.  The subconscious mind of the client handles the re-routing of neural pathways implementing the hypnotherapists targeted suggestions around food consumption and motivation to move the body.  No requirement is placed on what you should eat, but the result is that clients notice an immediate reduction in food cravings and feeling of fullness when they eat. Clients are also able to distinguish between stress triggers and environmental triggers versus real feelings of hunger. The long term end result is that eating patterns and lifestyle habits around food and proper care for the body are changed for the better.

What is Thought Alchemy's approach?

Our approach is consistent with Sheila's approach in order to maintain the integrity of the technique.  However, Rose Siple, our hypnotherapist, brings a considerable depth of knowledge about how the subconscious mind works. Her background in this area enables her to root out the underpinning emotional and mental patterns and effectively transform them into positive appropriate patterns that work for your life today! She performs the process as both an individual program and for small groups of no more than 7.  You will also learn a tremendous amount about your own body and the food it requires to maintain your health.  In short you will love this program and it will be drudgery.

Contact us today at 774-991-0574, and let us help you change your approach to eating and lose that weight for good.  Let transformational hypnosis help you!

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