Fears and Phobia's

Hypnosis can also help you conquer your fears by desensitizing you to the stimulus in your environment that is triggering your fear.

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  • Panic attacks
  • Fear losing control
  • Feeling of anxiety…because
    • Can’t get on a plane
    • Afraid to leave your home
    • Excessively shy
    • Fear of death
    • OCD
    • Can’t go to the dentist, doctors
    • Heights bother you
    • Public Speaking ~ cat got your tongue
    • And oh so many more

Fear is not your enemy, it is the mind and body’s natural defense mechanism (fight or flight) that warns us of danger and is not something we normally would want to ignore. Yet too often in life we are exposed to events and situations that form deeply rooted patterns within the subconscious mind that result in irrational fears that rob us of normal daily living and in some cases the ability to maintain our health.

Hypnosis helps by desensitizing you to the stimulus that triggers the fear and by forming new healthy habits that enable you to be more calm and relaxed.

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