Procrastination and Motivation

Hypnosis can put a stop to procrastinating behaviors that prevents you from feeling good about you and motivate you to accomplish your goals.

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  • Putting important things off that are critical to your life…taxes, bills, etc. while non-essential tasks take over as a priority.
  • Find yourself doing things at the last minute, with great stress and anxiety
  • Needlessly delaying taking action on things that would have a positive impact on your life if you did them
  • Feeling guilt and shame over not completing these tasks which often are completed easily when we finally do take action

Procrastination, is a voluntary delay of an intended course of action despite expecting to be worse off for the delay. It is the opposite of motivation and it makes no sense to us when we do it, yet we find we do it anyway. We feel like failures and the stress of the outstanding critical “to-do list” can be debilitating. It is illogical and your brain knows it. So why is it so hard to overcome this pattern? Once again, we find ourselves programmed by a faulty belief or pattern that overrides good sound logic and it wins over and over again.

Hypnosis is an efficient, powerful, and safe tool which helps you transmute your procrastination into motivation.

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