Anger Management

Hypnosis can help an individual to change the way they react in situations where anger has been inappropriately applied in the past.

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  • Find yourself overreacting with aggression and explosive temperament
  • Inability to control your reactions and hostile outburst in certain situations
  • Find yourself being abusive with others
  • Are your relationships with others beginning to suffer
  • Feeling tense and muscles tight as you attempt to control yourself
  • Unexpressed anger leading to tremendous anxiety that builds up and eventually releases like a volcanic eruption

Anger is an emotion that is natural, normal and healthy when directed appropriately. It helps keep us safe and is a sign of self-respect. No one should permit themselves to be abused or taken advantage of, and an individual who uses his words and tone guided by emotional anger, communicates in no uncertain terms where their boundaries are. An imbalance in the use of anger can lead to what is often referred to as an anger management problem, an inability to control our emotional feelings and physiological responses to those feelings.   It is a direct result of repressing anger when healthy ways to release that anger have not been learned and its resulting tension in the body remain locked within. It may also be caused by traumatic events that are out of the control of the individual leading them to feel helpless and disempowered, over time when not processed properly, this can lead to the cork coming off the bottle and an explosion… caregiving, victims of abuse or violent crime, catastrophic events can be some of the causes. This suppressed anger and tension eventually must come out and it is not pretty when it does. It is imperative for the individual with this problem to seek help so that they can learn to recognize the anger and develop tools that permit them to express it appropriately. Cases involving PTSD, and other diagnosed psychological disorders require the help of a mental health expert, but when life is just grinding at you and you find yourself being less and less able to keep the lid on, hypnosis can help you regain your perspective and move on.

Hypnosis helps an individual change the way they respond to conflicting situations with appropriate use of anger by accessing the subconscious mind to identify the root cause of the problem and through guided suggestions imprinted into the subconscious mind, the individual begins to deal with these situations in a more appropriate fashion.

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